The mission of the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics members, who represented AUTH and Greece, at the International Conference on the 5th Anniversary of the TROPOMI/S5P satellite launch, was completed with great success. TROPOMI/S5P is a key pillar of the EU Copernicus program on the field of earth observation.  The conference was organized by the European Space Agency (ESA), in Taormina, Sicily, between 10 & 14 Oct. 2022.

The Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics is actively involved in the development and evaluation of advanced algorithms for monitoring the composition of the atmosphere by satellite sensors. Professor Dimitris Balis, Dr. Katerina Garane, Lab. Teaching Staff member of the School of Physics, Dr. MariLiza Koukouli, Postdoctoral Researcher, and PhD candidate Konstantinos Michailidis, presented the updated results of their multi-year research work on satellite remote sensing with an emphasis on the ozone layer, air quality and greenhouse gases.